Raging Mother

Vahtikari & Nyman

ZOO Southside
19.05 [75 MIN]




Shows Aug 5-20 (not 8 & 15)
Starting time 19:05  •  Duration 75 min




Zoo Southside The Studio
117 Nicolson St, Edinburgh EH8 9ER

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We all have a mother, and an opinion about how she should be. Can a mother be allowed to be temperamental, impulsive, senseless, flaky, and still a mother, and a good one? A bitingly funny and honest portrayal of a mother’s life. A story of a volatile overachiever who is in constant competition with time and is not above flinging a burger on a wall. The show fearlessly challenges myths of motherhood and aims to shake them up. Here, she is simply a human being who just happens to be a mother, too.

“The fall of the mother icon provides a cathartic experience that bursts into empathic laughter. The merit of the performance is that Vahtikari shows the real face of love.”

“The performance is, from its own heightened point of view, quite a full-fledged work of art on motherhood. […] The performers Vahtikari and Nyman perform boldly by throwing themselves out there and digging everything out of themselves without holding back.”

“Vahtikaari has brilliantly put in emotions from different spectrums in the performance despite the heavy subject, Raging Mother is really funny. ”

Credit List
  • On stage: Hanna Vahtikari & Marzi Nyman
  • Written and directed by: Hanna Vahtikari
  • Music and sound design: Marzi Nyman
  • Lighting desing and video projections: Jere Kolehmainen
  • Costume design: Riitta-Maria Vehman
  • Script translation (Finnish to English): Liisa Muinonen-Martin with support from TINFO – Theatre Info Finland

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