Loranga, Masarin and Dartanjang


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Time & Venue
  • Previews: Aug 5-7
  • Performances: Aug 8-31
  • Day off: Aug 17
  • Starting time: 10.25
  • Show length: 60 min
  • Venue: Pleasance Jack Dome
  • Venue address: 1 Bristo Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9AL

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  • Original writer: Barbro Lindgren
  • Dramaturgy: Otto Sandqvist
  • English translation: Julian Garner
  • Director: Janne Pellinen
  • Set and costume: Annina Nevantaus
  • Lighting design: Tomi Humalisto
  • Sound design: Jani Orbinski
  • Graphic: Sara Olausson
  • Producer: ACE Production in association with Ensemble Bulleribock

Meri Anna Hulkkonen, Viggo (Gogo) Idman, Jan Korander and Scott Kyle.

  • Hongjia Qi
  • ACE-Production
  • +358 40 026 7107
  • hongjia.qi@ace-production.com


Welcome to the joyful, chaotic world of Loranga, Masarin and Dartanjang, a play for families based on Barbro Lindgren’s award-winning novel, dramatized by Otto Sandqvist.

If daddy-Loranga isn’t listening to pop music and eating ice cream and fish paste sandwiches, then he’s out riding his giraffe, getting himself arrested and thrown into jail. Meanwhile semi-demented grandpa- Dartanjang can’t decide if he’s a tiger tamer, a first nation tribal chief, or a master painter and/or plumber. So the brightest of the three, child-Masarin, must always watch their backs, even when they turn into dogs.

“Dear daddy Loranga and Loranga’s daddy Dartanjang, I’m writing this to you now and I’m also quite sad because…you’ve gone and become dogs. On the other hand I’m also happy for you. Well, perhaps being a dog is the right way to live – if you let me say it – a happy life without any problems or philosophic questions that exist in a child’s heart.”

  • ‘Wildly imaginative…Extraordinary!’
    Helsingin Sanomat, Helsinki
  • ‘Unstoppable fantasy…’
    HBL, Helsinki

ACE-Production is a performing arts agency that manages and produces plays and musicals internationally. The company was founded in 2008 by Svenska Teatern (the Swedish Theatre) in Helsinki and has extensive experience in licensing and production in Finland, Scandinavia, Europe and Asia. ACE-Production is one of the initiators of the From Start to Finnish project.


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