Last Call


Time & Venue
  • Shows: Jul 31 – Aug 25
  • Day off: Aug 12
  • Starting time: 19.05
  • Show length: 60 min
  • Venue: C Nova
  • Venue address: Riddles Court, 322 Lawnmarket, Edinburgh EH1 2PG

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  • Writers & directors: Juha Hippi and Mikko Räty
  • English translation by: Juha Hippi and Mikko Räty
  • On stage: Juha Hippi
  • Music: Juha Kujanpää
  • Sound design: Mikko Turunen
  • Producer: Teatro Labora
  • Juha Hippi
  • +358 50 575 1324


Welcome to the 2014 World Boozing Championships!

Doesn’t matter if you’re a regular drinker, a pitiful alcoholic or a hypocrite teetotaller, this invitation is for you! Come and see what happens when the most popular sports event in the world hits Edinburgh.

Written and directed by Mikko Räty & Juha Hippi, Last Call is a darkly comic monologue looking at the affects of alcohol consumption in today’s society. Told through several characters including championship contestant Pete and his father the coach, as well as the Spirit of the Bottle. Alcohol is an important part of the Finnish national psyche and economy and sits perfectly alongside national perceptions of Scottish drinking habits. Generations come… Generations Go… Alcohol stays with us forever!

Winning the Finnish National Monologue Competition in 2011 Last Call comes from Hippi’s own personal testament of giving up alcohol for the year 2010.

  • ‘…leaves you breathless just watching…’
  • ‘The monologue has been crafted skilfully with comedic bursts amongst the intensity.’
Teatro Labora

Teatro Labora is a theatre association in Helsinki  founded by Juha Hippi and Mikko Räty in early 2o14.


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