Johnny Got His Gun

Rossi, Holopainen and Riikonen

ZOO Southside
20.40 [60 MIN]




Shows Aug 5-28 (not 8, 15 & 22)
Starting time 20:40  •  Duration 60 min




Zoo Southside The Studio
117 Nicolson St, Edinburgh EH8 9ER

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Monologue performance based on Dalton Trumbo´s iconic novel. 19-year-old Joe Bonham wakes up in a hospital after an explosion in WW1. Joe discovers that he has lost his limbs, his eyes, ears and mouth. All that is left is a torso — a living dead. He seeks desperately for a connection to the outside world filled with war, and shares his tragic story with the audience, who makes an emotionally gripping journey through the 20th century. Joe fought for freedom and growth of western society and lost everything. Now he questions what he has been taught to dream of.

“Johnny Got His Gun is a brilliant masterpiece which everyone has to see”

“Johannes Holopainen makes the audience eat from his hands”
“This might be the most powerful theatre experience in my life”

“Holopainen’s presence is huge. He’s nailing the audience to their seats with small tricks, but even without the physical contact he’s on our skin all the time”

Credit List


  • Text: Dalton Trumbo
  • Adaptation: Essi Rossi
  • Director: Essi Rossi
  • Performer: Johannes Holopainen
  • Sound Design: Pauli Riikonen

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