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Previews Aug 2-3  •  Shows Aug 4-25
Days off Aug 12 & 19  •  Starting time 16:30  •  Show length 60 min




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High School Yards, Edinburgh EH1 1LU, UKL

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Honey, a freelance journalist and single mother of four (and a half) seeks control, agency, confirmation and solvency from her rebellious daughter, disappointed mother, skeptical friends and imperfect men.


Three (or four) therapists have so far failed to help her, so it’s time to try a different kind of talking cure. Honey must tell her story to find out how it ends and where it begins. Will she find what she’s looking for, whatever that is? Honey is a comedic one-woman show from Finland featuring Scottish actress Sarah McCardie embodying eleven triumphantly dysfunctional characters in one hour, precisely.

“The Human weaknesses that are lightly revealed from a lightly bubbling surface – for example the tendency to reflect one’s own failures in others, are treated by Appelgren with great understanding. She does it sharply and bluntly and therefore it feels fresh…The text is colourful and bold.”

“A brilliant one man show.”

“One actress, one voice, one story. Everything works perfectly and that’s more than enough.”
YLE (Finland)



ACE-Production is a performing arts agency that manages and produces plays and musicals internationally. The company was founded in 2008 by Svenska Teatern (the Swedish Theatre) in Helsinki and has extensive experience in licensing and production in Finland, Scandinavia, Europe and Asia. ACE-Production is one of the initiators of the From Start to Finnish project.


Tove Appelgren


An acclaimed Finnish theatre director, playwright and children’s author. She is currently an associate director and dramaturge at Åbo Svenska Teater in Turku, where Honey had its world premiere in 2018. Prior to that, she was the Artistic Director of Lilla Teatern in Helsinki from 1998 – 2000, making her the country’s second youngest artistic director ever. As a children’s author, her Vesta-Linnéa series about the life and worries of a young girl has been published internationally, with one title nominated for the 2008 Finlandia Junior Prize.

  • Written by Tove Appelgren
  • Directed by Julian Garner
  • Performed by Sarah McCardie
  • Scenography by Hanne Horte-Garner
  • Sound and lighting design by Angélica Saludes Estévez
  • Produced by Malou Olander
  • Malou Olander
  • malou.olander@ace-production.com

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