Fugue in two colors

Carl Knif Company

Dance Base
VOD [75 MIN]



In Fugue in Two Colors Knif explores the expressive power of movement. The piece is a study of the ancient relationship between music and dance. The strict musical form of Dmitri Šostakovitš’s preludes and fugues is juxtaposed with the rambling movement of six dancers.

The main focus is on the dancer as a perceiving and sensing being. The relationship between the prelude and fugue, two entities, related but yet different, is a basic characteristic of the choreography.

The audiovisuality deliberately breaks a form that Šostakovitš has borrowed from Bach, therefore creating a third generation adaptation of the traditional form.


Carl Knif Com­pa­ny

Sin­ce the start of the com­pa­ny in 2012 it has ri­sen to the fo­ref­ront of Fin­nish dan­ce with blend of high­ly re­cog­ni­zab­le nar­ra­ti­ves and vir­tuo­so dan­cing. The the­mes of the pie­ces are frank, per­so­nal and fear­less­ly ba­re and yet mer­ci­ful­ly poe­ti­cal. The st­raight­for­ward na­tu­re of the work, which ari­ses from a pro­found ar­tis­tic sen­si­ti­vi­ty and a st­ri­king­ly well con­cei­ved vi­sua­li­ty, ma­kes the pie­ces me­mo­rab­le.

The work of Carl Knif Com­pa­ny has gai­ned in­ter­na­tio­nal in­te­rest. Knif’s pie­ces ha­ve tou­red in 10 count­ries.

Knif was awar­ded the Sta­te Pri­ce for Per­for­ming Arts in 2016.

La­te­ly Knif has broa­de­ned his work to the field of theat­re. His adap­ta­tion of Kaf­ka’s Me­ta­morp­ho­sis pla­yed for sold out au­dien­ces du­ring mul­tip­le sea­sons. The pro­duc­tion has tou­red both na­tio­nal­ly and in­ter­na­tio­nal­ly.

Va­rious phy­si­cal theat­re pro­duc­tions of a si­mi­lar kind are un­der plan­ning. Si­mul­ta­neous­ly Carl Knif Com­pa­ny is wor­king on pro­duc­tions ba­sed so­le­ly on the po­wer of mo­ve­ment and dan­ce.

Cho­reog­rap­hy: Carl Knif
Dan­ce: Jon­na Aal­to­nen, Jyr­ki Kas­per, Pek­ka Lou­hio, Hei­di Naak­ka, Mik­ko Pa­lo­nie­mi, An­na Sten­berg/Ter­hi Vai­ma­la, Ee­ro Ves­te­ri­nen
Set and light de­sign: Wil­liam Iles
Sound de­sign: Jan­ne Hast
Cos­tu­me de­sign: Ka­ro­lii­na Koi­so-Kant­ti­la
Pho­tos: Yos­hi Omo­ri
Ima­ge pro­ces­sing: Mar­ko Mä­ki­nen
Co-pro­duc­tion: Carl Knif Com­pa­ny & Hel­sin­ki Ci­ty Theat­re

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