Death of a Theatre Critic


Time & Venue
  • Previews: Aug 4-6
  • Performances: Aug 7 – 30
  • Day off: Aug 16
  • Starting time: 13:30
  • Show length: 90 min
  • Venue: Pleasance Courtyard
  • Venue address: 60 Pleasance, Edinburgh, EH8 9TJ

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  • Writer and director: Joakim Groth
  • English translation: Julian Garner
  • Costume design: Kaisa Rautakoski and Karen Tennent
  • General Manager: Johan Storgård
  • Co-ordinator: Tanja Ljungqvist

Joakim Groth, Tony Donaldson, Gowan Calder, Simon Macallum

  • Hongjia Qi
  • ACE-Production


Death of a Theatre Critic is a dark comedy about chance and destiny following the hardships of a theatre director. After having his latest production torn to pieces by the leading critic, he then encounters misfortune in his private life as well. Things are going down hill fast. Alone and unhappy he goes all-in on one card to put everything right again. A decision with unforeseen consequences…

Today, we find it hard to accept this absence of freedom, the predestination of people’s lives. We like to believe that we can choose our fate. Perhaps that is why we find it difficult to accept the inevitable condition of our lives; namely that can only be, precisely as in the ancient dramas, only one possible ending. There is only one ending.

  • ‘It’s a minimalist setting for such an extraordinary, multi-faceted plot which gradually unravels into a clever, contemporary tragi-comedy, morality tale.’
  • ‘…superb performances…’

The Swedish Theatre in Helsinki is situated in the heart of the city. It is one of six professional theatres in Finland to serve the Swedish speaking population and considered to be the Swedish national stage. The Theatre was built in 1866 by the Russian architect Nicolai Benois. As a national theater it provides a broad repertoire that caters to everyone, drama, newly written, domestic, classics, musicals, children’s theater etc. The theatre founded the company ACE-Production in 2008, an agency that owns and manages works, concepts and rights in the theatre and performing arts. ACE-Production was also one of the leading forces to launch the From Start To Finnish project.


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