Dark Side Of The Mime


Dark Side of The Mime
Time & Venue
  • Previews: Aug 5-7
  • Shows: Aug 8-30
  • Days off: Aug 17 & 24
  • Starting time: 23.15
  • Show length: 60 min
  • Venue: Assembly Roxy Central
  • Venue address: 2 Roxburgh Place, Edinburgh EH8 9SU

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  • Actor: Marc Gassot
  • Musician: Karl Sinkkonen
  • Lighting designer: Teemu Nurmelin
  • Director: Akse Pettersson
  • Producer: Sara Nyberg
  • Sara Nyberg
  • Theatre Takomo
  • +358 40 758 9694
  • takomo@teatteritakomo.fi


Best Theatrical Act of The Year 2014 (Finland)
Marc Gassot: Actor of the Year 2015 (Finland)

Dark Side Of The Mime is an audacious, dark and dirty romp that will have Marcel Marceau turning in his grave. Its raunchy humour will take you by surprise.  You will love this new kind of mimical clownery with splatter and porn. Makes you roar with laughter!

A sell-out hit in Finland!

Actor and mime artist Marc Gassot is joined by his accompanist Karl Sinkkonen on keyboards, to bring you this multi award winning late night physical show. Are you bold enough to enter the Dark Side Of The Mime?

  • ‘…mischievous and hilarious…a perfect performance…’
Theatre Takomo

Theatre Takomo is a venue in the heart of Helsinki. In its twenty years Takomo has become one of the leading contemporary theatres in Finland. Takomo solely produces new works by aspiring Finnish artists and theatre makers. Imagination and risk taking are our key words. We don’t shun laughter, nor the grotesque or the sublime. Endorsing courage and curiosity towards the new possibilities of the theatre arts is our mission.


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