Time & Venue
  • Previews: Jul 30-31, Aug 1
  • Performances: Aug 2 – 25
  • Day off: Aug 11
  • Starting time: 12.20
  • Show length: 70 min
  • Venue: Pleasance Courtyard Forth
  • Venue address: 60 Pleasance, Edinburgh, EH8 9TJ

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  • Writer: Christoffer Mellgren and Johan Storgård
  • English translation: Julian Garner
  • Director: Sven Sid
  • Set and costume: Hanne Horte
  • Light and video: Mia Erlin
  • Sound: Dennis Lindén
  • Graphic: Nanne Nylund
  • Musician and arrangement: Peter Achrén
  • Music: Charles Chaplin
  • General Manager: Johan Storgård
  • Producer: Hongjia Qi
  • Production Assistant: Maria Strelkova

James Bryce, Ross Dunsmore, Michelle Edwards, Sarah McCardie, Christopher Page, John Scougall

  • Hongjia Qi
  • ACE-Production


A fascinating and touching story about Charlie Chaplin.

Say “Charlie Chaplin” and the world envisages his unforgettable character – The Tramp – with the big shoes; hat; cane and moustache. Who was the man behind this act? The life story of Charlie Chaplin is as great as the movies we watch him in. He grew up in the London slums at the turn of the 1900s but with hard work and considerable talent he took the world into the palm of his hands and became one of the most cherished screen stars in history.

The story of Charlie Chaplin is a classic tale of a man who has nothing but wins everything. Regardless of his fame and fortune, he never lost his desire for lasting love and a home of his own. Almost a hundred years after his breakthrough and thirty-six years after his death, the multi-award winning ACE Production brings his life and expansive career to the stage directed by Sven Sid. In this show we experience the joy and sorrow; the hilarious humour and the passionate politics that made the man we know as Charlie Chaplin.

  • “You will tramp across a lot of cobbles this Fringe before you see a finer performance…”
  • “It is a joy to watch, simply staged and performed by a talented cast…”

ACE-Production is a performing arts agency that manages and produces plays and musicals internationally. The company was founded in 2008 by Svenska Teatern (the Swedish Theatre) in Helsinki and has extensive experience in licensing and production in Finland, Scandinavia, Europe and Asia. ACE-Production is one of the initiators of the From Start to Finnish project.


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