Bad Boy Eddie


Time & Venue
  • Shows: Aug 1 – 26
  • Day off: Aug 13
  • Starting time: 14.05
  • Show length: 80 min
  • Venue: C Aquila
  • Venue address: Roman Eagle Lodge, Johnston Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2PW

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  • Author: Anna Krogerus
  • Director: Iiristiina Varilo
  • English translation by: Nely Keinänen, Sampo Rassi and Lea Absetz
  • Scottish adaptation and relocation: Working group
  • Costume and set design: Riitta Raunio
  • Lighting design: Mikko Kemppainen and Henri Pyy
  • Sound design: Jaakko Vattulainen
  • Graphic design: Teemu Sirviö
  • Producer: Hanna Roisko / Kajaani Town Theatre
  • Coordinator: Tanja Ljungqvist / Ace-production

Scott Kyle (Best Actor, The Stage Awards 2010), Mary Gapinski, Jo Freer, Alex Donald

  • Nordic Drama Corner


An encouraging and touching story of a child’s struggle to find a place in the family and the world. Black humour and realistic descriptions of alcoholism and loneliness from a child’s viewpoint.

Eddie is forced to experience his mother’s self-destruction and he has to witness the breakdown of his parent’s marriage. One day his mother has left their home. Eddie has left alone because his father has to work almost all the time. At first loneliness is frightening but for the time being Eddie accepts the situation. He creates his own fantasy world which gives him certain comfort and a feeling of security. And so begins Eddie’s struggle to find his place in the family and the world.

The play wants to state that many children in the world are feeling bad in generally. Also the amount of custody has increased lately. There are more and more children who has left to the foster families or other institutions. The sickness of youth people is easily bursting out in violent behavior or in other forms like drug and alcohol or suicidal behaviour. This touching and encouraging story of loneliness and alcoholism from a child’s point of  view won The Childhood Action of 2012 Award in Finland. Now you’ll see a brand new adaptation: the play’s relocated from Helsinki to Glasgow!

  • ‘The dialogue is well structured, fast paced, funny and believable.’
  • ‘Delightfully eccentric yet grippingly emotional…’
Kajaani Town Theatre (Kajaanin Kaupunginteatteri)

Kajaani Town Theatre is one of Finland’s leading theatres. It is known for its ambitiousness and openness, to be a theatre which addresses issues that are very close to the people in its region. Its calendar of performances is based on new Finnish plays, many having their premiere in Kajaani.

The theatre is located in Kajaani, in Northern Finland, some 130 kilometres west from the border with Russia, and about 250 kilometres south of Arctic Circle. Kajaani is a small town with a population of 36,000 and it is the regional centre of Kainuu. Kajaani Town Theatre is also one of Finland’s five regional theatres. It tours mainly within the Province of Oulu, excluding Oulu itself. There are 48 local districts in the tour area and a population close to 300,000. Kajaani Town Theatre won the Best Theatre Award 2003 in Finland.


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