My Elevator Days to Helsinki in March

Bengt Ahlfors’ play My Elevator Days successfully performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012 as part of the From Start to Finnish project. And now we are bringing it back to Finland with three performances at Svenska Teatern (the Swedish Theatre) in Helsinki in March. The play will be performed by the nominated best solo performer 2012 at Fringe, Glaswegian actor Alexander West.

The play’s confrontation with old age and loneliness is piercing, delicately balancing dark truths with light humor. West’s performance is so natural it’s heartbreaking. He gazes into the eyes of the audience so they are completely involved in his world.

The tragicomic monologue was first performed by Lasse Pöysti a total of almost 200 times in Finnish and Swedish at Lilla Teatern (the Small Theatre). It will take you on a journey trough an old man’s life and loneliness.