From Start to Finnish 2015 – biggest ever!

From Start to Finnish continues it’s 5th year at the Fringe and is presenting four shows of different genres this year.

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Loranga, Masarin and Dartanjang is a children’s play based on the book of Astrid Lindgren Award winner Barbro Lindgren. If daddy-Loranga isn’t listening to pop music and eating ice cream and fish paste sandwiches, then he’s out riding his giraffe, getting himself arrested and thrown into jail. Meanwhile semi-demented grandpa- Dartanjang can’t decide if he’s a tiger tamer, a first nation tribal chief, or a master painter and/or plumber. So the brightest of the three, child-Masarin, must always watch their backs, even when they turn into dogs.

The Outsider is a contemporary circus show created by the award-winning Finnish magician Janne Raudaskoski. The performance evokes the visual style of the silent films simultaneously taking them into a contemporary format – in full colour and stunning special effects! The Outsider is delightful fantasy for grown-ups which has gathered standing ovations around the Europe.

The Year of the Hare is a comedy theatre loosely based on the famous The hero of this story is middle-aged, middle-class, and works 12-hour days in his office cubicle, the highlights of his life long passed. However, a chance encounter with an eccentric hare re-awakens his lust for life and he finds himself on an epic and surreal journey through a world with rules and values he no longer accepts. The Year of the Hare is a riotous but touching comedy about human beings and other animals living together in a rapidly changing world with more and more problems, but seemingly fewer and fewer solutions.

Darkside of the Mime is an audacious, dark and dirty romp that will have Marcel Marceau turning in his grave. Its raunchy humour will take you by surprise.  You will love this new kind of mimical clownery with splatter and porn. Makes you roar with laughter!

Please check out our show pages or the following brochure for more information.