From Start to Finnish 2014 programme launched!

From Start to Finnish is bringing two excellent shows to the Fringe this year, dark comedy Last Call and biographical theatre Chaplin.

Last Call is a darkly comic monologue that looks at how deep alcohol has sunk into the seams of society and how widespread its effects are on our daily lives. Told through several characters including championship contestant Pete and his father the coach, as well as the Spirit of the Bottle. But what happens when alcohol is removed from the equation?

last call 5

Chaplin tells the life story of Charlie Chaplin, the man behind the unforgettable character – The Tramp – with the big shoes; hat; cane and moustache. He grew up in the London slums at the turn of the 1900s but with hard work and considerable talent he took the world into the palm of his hands and became one of the most cherished screen stars in history. The story of Charlie Chaplin is a classic tale of a man who has nothing but wins everything. Regardless of his fame & fortune, he never lost his desire for lasting love and a home of his own.

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