2020 Fringe







The From Start to Finnish 2020 showcase consists of 5 shows created by amazingly talented Finnish artists and companies. Since the Edinburgh Festival Fringe doesn’t happen physically this year, the showcase will be part of Fringe Marketplace programme instead.


Fringe Marketplace is where industry members can find the professional work they’d normally seek out at the Fringe and build new connections with the artists who make that work. For more information and registration to the Marketplace, please click HERE.




(Photo by Ilkka Saastamoinen)
Johnny Got His Gun
by Essi Rossi
Theatre / Monologue, presented by ZOO VenuesA monologue performance based on Dalton Trumbo’s iconic novel. 19-year-old Joe Bonham wakes up in a hospital bed after an explosion in WW1. Joe discovers that he has lost his limbs, his eyes, ears and mouth. All that is left is a torso — a living dead. He seeks desperately for a connection to the outside world filled with war to let us know what he has to say. During the performance, he shares his tragic life story with the audience, who makes an emotionally gripping journey through the 20th century. Joe fought for freedom and growth of western society and lost everything. Now he questions what he has been taught to dream of.

(Photo by Joni Pakanen)
Lion – The Weird and Magical Abracadabra Circus Show
by Circo Aereo & Mimexplosion
Circus / Comedy, presented by Assembly FestivalsLion -The Weird And Magical Abracadabra Circus Show is a funny, skilful and slightly disturbed show about the excitement and fear. The show honors the traditional circus with a touch splatter from the horror films. This physical comedy show is mixing together circus, astonishing magic and mime. It´s a deliteful joyride that can be enjoyed by young people and adults alike. Welcome to our twisted circus!

(Photo by Sanni Siira)
Over Your Fucking Body
by Janina Rajakangas & Neil Callaghan
Dance / Experimental, presented by Dance Base
Repeatedly over the past years Janina Rajakangas and Neil Callaghan have tried to get to the core of unnamed states of bodily experience. They have embodied and presented knowledge that is shared between people and yet is inaccessible through language. Over Your Fucking Body started from their interest in these amorphous moments where words fail. They aim to physically articulate these unnameable states into dances. To present areas of experience that usually stay hidden from appearance.

(Photo by Ulla Nikula)
by Kati Raatikainen and working group
Contemporary dance, presented by Summerhall
Four individuals who perceive and interact with the world slightly dierently meet on stage to dance together and alone, to surrender to motion that arises from their own uniqueness, from their own longing and love. The performance is a gentle yet radical comment on the right of people classified as intellectually disabled to be regarded as dancers, performers and participants in the society – as people with senses, desires and yearnings. It was born out of a process that has drawn on the lives and the experiences of the participants, and is guided by the choreographer’s personal philosophy of performance.

(Photo by Kallo Collective)
by Kallo Collective with Inga Björn and Kristiina Tammisalo
Physical Theatre, presented by Summerhall
Receptionists is a physical comedy show about customer service by two Finnish female clowns. In this spinoff show from Chameleon, these two receptionists are fast-talking smooth moving professionals in the hospitality industry. They speak multiple languages, none of which you can understand, and have an almost pathological fear of their customers. Impressively silly and exceptionally charismatic, Inga and Kristiina have a unique and hilarious chemistry which makes the whole experience delightfully bonkers. With exceptionally skilled smiling and some nifty acrobatics the clown duo shows how comical and absurd customer service can get.


From Start to Finnish: showcase 2020, newest trends and international cooperation


Time: Friday Aug 21st, 11.00 AM – 12.30 PM BST
Place: Online through registration (see below)


Greetings from Finland! What’s new in Finnish performing arts? What does international cooperation mean for arts professionals during this unprecedented and utterly challenging time? In this online event, From Start to Finnish will present to you five amazing tour-ready shows from Finland covering contemporary theatre, dance and circus. In addition, five arts industry professionals will discuss the newest trends, policies and international cooperation in Finnish performing arts.


Reetta Honkakoski (physical theatre artist)


Katarina Lindholm (Dance Info Finland)
Lotta Nevalainen (CircusInfo Finland)
Erik Söderblom (Espoo City Theatre)
Kimmo Aulake (Ministry of Education and Culture)


This event is part of Fringe Exchange 2020. A new online industry events programme hosted by the Fringe Society and run throughout the Fringe’s originally scheduled dates, 07 – 31 August 2020. Browse the full programme and register for events here. If you are a programmer, you might also like to accredit with the Fringe arts industry office to access Fringe Marketplace – an exciting new showcase platform.