Wiredo explores human senses, combining the techniques of tightwire walking and Shibari.  

With her body, a tightwire and a physical composition that draws on the Japanese rope art of Shibari, Hanna Moisala’s WireDo tells a mesmerising story of stepping out to the unknown.

The three-dimensional Wiredo explores the inner balance of human behaviour with the question:

“What happens to the body when it chooses to surrender
and be manipulated?”

Moisala´s daring tightwire stunts combined with long Shibari-ropes and elaborate knots offer an unprecedented spectacle.

“…an exiting opportunity to see two rare disciplines expertly and beautifully combined into an exquisite piece of contemporary dance circus.”

“…visually stunning performance…I left the theatre having been enchanted by the spectacle, with a sense of wonder at this physical and theatrical treat.”




WireDo is a finely balanced piece of work that contains beauty and tranquility in a yin yang of control.

Lumo Company

Lumo Company was established with the need to create innovative and expressive art.
Storytelling with physical and visual expression is the power and source of Lumo’s work. The company combines circus, physical theatre and verbal theatre to create highly visual performances, which unveil the abundance of ways there are for people to communicate. In all shows, Lumo wants to tackle socially engaging themes around issues of power and questions that unite and divide human beings.