A live report with the Egyptian protest singer Ramy Essam.

Tahrir Square, 2011. The Arab Spring. Twenty two-year old Ramy Essam stood singing battle songs with hundreds of thousands of other protesters, insisting on the resignation of President Mubarak. He became an iconic representation of the Egyptian people. Since then the violent events of the revolution have had a drastic impact on Ramy’s life and values. Today, he is exiled in Finland and Sweden, where he was offered sanctuary. He now tours internationally with his songs about democracy and peace. This is a live report where the audience gets to meet Ramy and takes part in his story.

“A truly poignant story… utterly absorbing.”

“…beyond review…his ability not only for hope, but for inspiring it in others, is extraordinary.”

“A sublime testament to the power of music.” “One of the most remarkable things you will ever see”


“…incredibly emotive…powerful and hypnotic…”

“a story told with bravery that I’d challenge anyone not to feel humbled by.”

Viirus Theatre

Viirus is a theatre with a young and dynamic ensemble who challenge themselves and the audience with strong theatre experiences linked to society today. Viirus was founded in 1987 by three young actors and a director. They wanted Viirus to be an alternative to the institutional theaters with focus on a young audience. The repertoire represented something new and different, consisting of plays that they wanted to do themselves and that they found interesting. Over the years Viirus has developed into an acclaimed and well-known theatre, but it still has the ability to provoke and surprise its audience. Many rising stars have performed on Viirus’ stage and there are more to come!