Elderly Gentleman Seeks Companion. For Conversation, Only.

Previous confidents include: his Mother; Kafka (a dog); Grace Kelly (the Belovéd and Greatly Missed); Enok (an elevator); and Diana (a strictly hands-off sex-worker turned would-be dog-walker). Hobbies: gate-crashing funerals and weddings. Says: I’m not afraid of dying, but it’s nice if someone misses you.

Or at least remembers that you once existed.”

Bengt Ahlfors’ exquisite monolgue has been a permanent fixture in the Helsinki repertoire since 2006 and is widely produced throughout Europe. It comes to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in a translation by Henning Koch.

  • ‘Not overly sweet or nor pitifully bitter, this beautifully crafted piece of theatre gradually gobbles you in your seat.’
  • ‘The audience is utterly absorbed in this moving and honest drama…’

The Swedish Theatre in Helsinki is situated in the heart of the city. It is one of six professional theatres in Finland to serve the Swedish speaking population and considered to be the Swedish national stage. The Theatre was built in 1866 by the Russian architect Nicolai Benois. As a national theater it provides a broad repertoire that caters to everyone, drama, newly written, domestic, classics, musicals, children’s theater etc. The theatre founded the company ACE-Production in 2008, an agency that owns and manages works, concepts and rights in the theatre and performing arts. ACE-Production was also one of the leading forces to launch the From Start To Finnish project.


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