Brand new from award-winning Finnish playwright/director Jari Juutinen.

Is the world out of joint? Who is torturing whom? How does it feel to be poor? Why is the water calling out? Where are you now, Woyzeck? A new play by award- winning Finnish playwright/director Jari Juutinen, based loosely on Büchner’s classic Woyzeck. A theatrical kaleidoscope and a mixture of a TV game show, interrogation and a Kafkaesque nightmare, it asks where the world is going now as we define our neighbours by colour, religion, nationality – or just our day-to-day prejudices or intuitions.

“…brilliantly performed… striking and thought-provoking.”


A theatre ensemble – comes from Finland, works internationally. Founded in 2015, this Helsinki-based ensemble has toured many significant theatre festivals in a short period of time. The Komplex is not tied to a permanent venue but is more like a born-to-run cuckoo flying from nest to nest. So far the strong call of this Finnish cuckoo has been heard among others in Avignon, Saint Petersbourg, Novgorod, Luxembourg, Brussels and Tbilisi. The vision of sadsongskomplex:fi is to build artistic bridges with old and new partners between North and South, East and West.