A heart-wrenching four-hander, young playwright Kaisa Lundan has penned a very personal play about a family afflicted by brain cancer.  

Emmy is a young woman dying of cancer. Her husband attempts to care for her even as the illness eats away the woman he knows and loves, her mother holds faith with internet-voodoo and blueberry-juice. But Emmy knows optimism is a false god and cancer is a gamble.

A fearless play about the limits of hope and the consolations of reality, from Finland’s youngest and most irrepressibly talented new playwright. Kaisa Lundán’s first play, Järkeni ei riitä (Can’t Make Sense), written with Leena Kuusisto, received rave reviews in Finland and the Jury’s Choice prize at the Tudengite Teatripäevad festival in Estonia.

“a taut, sometimes funny, thought-provoking script that’s full of compassion…this play packs a punch.”


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